The articles available here for downloading include both academic and practitioner articles. The academic articles are published in refereed journals or professional books and are written to provide a conceptual or theoretical understanding to some aspect of leadership or management. Although written for an academic audience, I have used these articles in graduate and executive education courses at Ohio State to provide a framework for thinking about specific issues related to organization change. The practitioner articles are published in journals intended for executives and managers to support them in their leadership and management, particularly with regard to organization change.

The articles are organized in three ways:

  1. Articles on Organizational Change: Articles that deal with different issues regarding the nature of organization change.
  2. Articles on Management and Leadership in Change: Articles that deal with issues related to the leadership and management of change other than resistance.
  3. Articles on Resistance to Change: Articles that deal with resistance to change and provide a different perspective on it and its potential value in the conduct of change.